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This Wisconsin native came

to Nashville in 2004 to follow

her dream of being a country

singer. Although there were some

tough times running up & down

music row, Chellanie never ever

quit. Although, she did learn

quickly that if she wanted to be taken seriously as an artist, songwriting better be part of the package. She soon was writing and co-writing all over town and in turn other writers and singers were taking notice of this powerful songstress with the bluesy country twang. Chellanie is one you better keep an eye on. Her solo record, was released in 2016 and is getting rave reviews. And now since joining Ben in Pontiac Alley here is just one more avenue to enjoy this powerhouse singer from Nashville. Come out to a Pontiac Alley show and you will walk away tapping your feet and smiling from ear to ear..!

                                     BEN POTTER

                                                              Prior to coming to Nashville, Ben

                                                              spent many years on the west coast

                                                              performing in Bars, Casinos, Fairs,

                                                              Festivals, Schools, even doing the

                                                              wedding band circuit for awhile.

                                                              But songwriting and producing

                                                              young artists was what Ben really

                                                              wanted to persue, so Nashville

                                                              became his next venture. Ben came

                                                              to Nashville in 2005 to check the city out and found out this was the place he wanted to hang his hat. 17 years later he's still here and having a great time. Although in the early years of Nashville Ben & Chellanie had crossed paths a few times, it wasn't until 2015 when Ben was brought on to produce Chellanie's debut solo album that a musical chemistry was undeniable, and soon after the project was completed, the two of them decided that they had to perform together.....  Pontiac Alley was born...!!

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